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Willemite Ceramics

Berry Earrings

Berry Earrings

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Designed for those who like small minimalist jewelry.

These earrings have hand-formed Sterling Silver hooks.

The porcelain pieces measure approximately 1/2 by 5/16 inches, or 12mm by 8mm if you prefer metric : )

They're lightweight, less than half the weight of a dime, and glazed porcelain is stronger than glass and most gemstones.

These earrings are glazed with a specialty crystalline glaze. These glazes can range from glossy to matte, but in-between the gloss and matte can be amazing crystals that shimmer beautifully in the sunlight. These crystals form while the molten glaze cools in my kiln, about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so due to the unique nature of this glaze the piece may differ somewhat from the images above, it is my hope that this makes the piece even more special and cherished. 

I make these little berry earrings in the following glaze colors, please see the images for examples.

Azure Glaze - beautiful blue green glaze over red porcelain, with Willemite crystals

Coral Glaze - pink glaze on red porcelain, with Willemite crystals

Hematite Glaze - sparkling Hematite crystals on red porcelain

Sapphire Glaze - a classic rich blue on white porcelain, with Willemite crystals

Emerald Glaze - vibrant green glaze on porcelain, with Willemite crystals

Obsidian Glaze - both matte and glossy with dark Tephroite crystals

Lilac Color Shifting Glaze - usually a pale purple, this glaze appears light blue under fluorescent light, a very unusual dichroic effect

Nebula Glaze - galactic orange/beige glass with blue Willemite crystals 


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